Beyond transformation: How data drives the Digital Business

The digital revolution is well underway and transformation is no longer an option. Businesses that aren’t using data to drive innovation will find themselves at an increasing disadvantage. In this eBook, you’ll learn how Digital Businesses acquire, analyze and act on data. For each step, we’ll discuss:
  • The ways data-driven processes benefit Digital Businesses
  • The challenges that Digital Businesses face
  • The technology that helps Digital Businesses overcome challenges and succeed

What is a Digital Business?

A digital business uses data to rapidly and continuously improve products, services and internal operations.

Thriving on the data lifecycle

Digital Businesses innovate and evolve by incorporating data-driven decisions into everything. They focus on the three steps of the data lifecycle:

Three technologies at the foundation of Digital Business

Adaptive Networking
Moving data between billions of devices and locations — between the edge, data centers and cloud environments worldwide.
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IT Agility
Quickly deploying and seamlessly managing applications in a hybrid cloud.
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Connected Security
Actively protecting critical business and customer data on the network.
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