Step 1 - Acquire

Acquiring data for a holistic digital strategy

Digital Businesses don’t passively receive data. They investigate the best ways to acquire data and develop an end-to-end strategy to optimize and streamline the entire data lifecycle.

Preparing for data-driven transformation

Establish appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs)
To successfully transform your business, you need quantitative goals. Your old metrics might not work anymore. Collect both “before” and “after” data to calculate your ROI. This will help you get executive sponsors and employee buy-in for the organizational changes ahead.

Question existing business processes

Look at each department and ask what you can do better. How do employees interact with each other? How are products and services developed? How do you engage with customers? And, most importantly, how can digital technologies — and data — improve these activities?

Evaluate current resources and assets

Know what resources you have to work with. What technologies? What employee skill sets? This knowledge is essential before making any new investments.

Seek advice from stakeholders

A custom “think tank” will help you prioritize projects, provide diverse opinions and develop champions to communicate the value of your digital initiatives. Don’t limit yourself to executives or even employees. Customers, third-party consultants and respected industry analysts can all offer valuable guidance.

Document your digital business journey

Take notes throughout your transformation. Include all short and long-term goals, as well as the initiatives you pursue to reach those goals. This will help you learn from successes as well as failures.

Data acquisition challenges

The biggest obstacles to achieving success for digital business initiatives:
39% of Digital Businesses lack sufficient budget 
36% of Digital Businesses lack staff and/or correct skill sets 
34% of Digital Businesses need to replace legacy systems 
IDG, State of Digital Business Transformation, 2018.
Case Study

Accelerating business performance with scalable data acquisition

Using CenturyLink Cloud®, Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc. has processed 380,000 home and building inspection records — more than 19x its initial requirement.
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