Make the move to
SD-WAN in 5 simple steps

According to Frost & Sullivan, the number of businesses that have deployed application-aware SD-WAN to streamline network management has more than doubled in the last two years. If you're considering SD-WAN, check out these five simple steps the analyst firm recommends.

1.  Talk about what SD-WAN can do for you

Start by exploring the business opportunities offered by cloud, IoT, streaming services and other technologies with your team and how SD-WAN's flexible and simplified network structure can support next-gen technologies and your company's digital transformation goals. 

2.  Prioritize branch locations that need SD-WAN now

Because SD-WAN can eliminate some of your costly network equipment while helping simplify management and improve app performance, create a roadmap for implementing SD-WAN virtualized services that begins with transforming the most user traffic, the most critical applications and most network performance issues.  

3. Integrate different connectivity options

Make sure your SD-WAN vendor supports MPLS/IP-VPN, internet, broadband and wireless 4G/5G so that you can flexibly leverage all connectivity options, including the ones you already know and trust, for optimal security, performance and availability through efficient application-aware routing.

4. Consider managed services

Before deploying SD-WAN, decide if you’re going to manage the solution in-house, or if managed services are better aligned to your business needs. Find out if your staff has the expertise and resources to deploy and manage SD-WAN across all locations and, if not, what resources would be needed to get there.  

5.  Partner up

It’s important to find an SD-WAN partner with the experience to implement a network solution that truly maximizes your business productivity. The ideal partner should offer managed services and have the technology and expertise needed for design, deployment configuration and management of your entire WAN solution as your needs evolve—including deep peering and direct access to private and public clouds.

Reasons IT leaders consider SD-WAN

SD-WAN solutions make it possible to leverage real-time performance monitoring in order to develop policy-driven software that can intelligently direct network traffic via the most optimal pathways. Other top factors include:    

Ensuring resiliency

78% of IT leaders sought to ensure resiliency and 24/7 business continuity  

Greater performance

78% of IT leaders targeted superior WAN and application performance  


76% of IT leaders sought deep visibility into network and app performance  

CenturyLink SD-WAN solutions can increase visibility and control, reduce demands on your resources and increase cost efficiency with a network optimized for digital growth and innovation. Learn how to make SD-WAN work for your digital business in the full Frost & Sullivan report.

Frost & Sullivan, 2018 U.S. SD-WAN End-User Survey Analysis, December 2018.

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