How to manage multi-cloud

According to a Frost & Sullivan study, “49% of companies have trouble managing multiple clouds."1  There are several multi-cloud management strategies--from DIY to fully managed or a mix of both.

What's the best way to manage your clouds?

A 451 Research survey shows that 23% of businesses are looking for a cloud migration partner.To determine your right cloud management strategy, it is important to consider the activities involved in managing cloud environments:



Get real-time visibility into all things IT – infrastructure, applications, database performance and dependencies.


Adjust environments and applications at the drop of a hat before users experience any issues.


Scaling and Recovery

Meet on-demand business needs by scaling applications seamlessly or quickly recover data without manual support.



Proactively identify evolving cyber threats with solutions that have multi-layered protection, while keeping you in the driver seat.


Cost Management

Predict cloud usage charges per workload and simplify billing of cloud charges to lines of business.


As the number and variety of cloud environments grow, so does management complexity.

Do you have the in-house expertise, resources and time to manage your clouds? Explore the cloud management options and determine your best strategy.


In-House Management


  • Best if you have time, in-house resources, and expertise to manage multi-cloud environments
  • Ideal if you have unique security requirements, legacy applications, or highly customized environments.


  • Best if you’re looking to tap into deep expertise and around-the-clock support.
  • Ideal to allow your in-house staff to focus on other more strategic projects.

Shared Management

  • The best of both worlds: support and visibility.
  • The ideal choice to retain control of your applications while a vendor takes on hardware and operating systems.


Manage your cloud the right way, right now.

CenturyLink can help you address each phase of the cloud lifecycle. For each application, you can choose the right cloud, the right network, and the right experts. In addition to public and private cloud offerings, CenturyLink provides a cloud-agnostic management platform and extensive end-to-end services to help you plan, deploy, manage, and optimize your multi-cloud environment.

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2. “Transformational Directions for the Digital Business"  A commissioned study conducted by 451 Research  on behalf of CenturyLink, November 2018.


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