3 tips for creating an IT culture that embraces digital modernization

The key to ensuring success in moving workloads and data across multi-cloud environments and building a foundation for future digital business growth is a culture that values digital transformation. But in a recent IDG survey, 40% of enterprise IT professionals report that cultural resistance to change is a key challenge.1 This aversion to change is a barrier that can be overcome. Here’s how:

1. Take baby steps

Start digital transformation in small trials.
These tests can show incremental success and prove benefits of modernizing to gain support for more widespread changes.

2. Stay on trend

Stay current on digital trends and technological developments.
Educate your organization about the benefits of emerging technologies—including adaptive networking and agility through on-demand cloud. Staying ahead of technological developments will help your team fully grasp how these technologies can give you a lasting competitive advantage.

3. Find your allies

Enlist support from cross-functional teams.
Digital transformation impacts every aspect of the business. Cross-functional teams can help implement initiatives and guide technology decisions and deployments on an ongoing basis in ways that aren’t possible for siloed teams.

Read the full IDG report to learn more about motivating your workforce to embrace digital modernization.